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How to Succeed Doing New Things with Less Fear and More Confidence

empowerment Nov 07, 2019

What feels scary and out of your comfort zone?

For me, being seen, sharing my voice, speaking up, asking questions, posting on social media has been a huge edge.

It's something that starting a business has pushed me to do and I'm so grateful for that.

The way we grow is by doing new things outside our comfort zone.

But it's a bit more complex than that.

Human brains evolved when we lived in groups and depended on one another for survival. Doing something against the status quo meant the possibility of being kicked out of the group, which meant certain death.

This fear is still deeply programmed in our brains. When we address it, we clear the unconscious blocks to our desires and make attaining our goals much easier.

We need to know that we will still be loved, still belong, still, be safe if we try something new.

That we'll be celebrated if we succeed and taken care of if we fail. That no matter what happens we're still worthy.

So if there's something you've been wanting to try but feel too scared to take the first step, ask yourself how you can create more love, safety and belonging for yourself.

〰️ Can you let yourself know that you'll never abandon yourself, you'll always be there no matter how it goes?

〰️ Can you ask a friend to do it with you to create a sense of safety and belonging?

〰️ Or simply be honest about your fear to someone? When we admit our vulnerabilities it creates space for connection and support.

What works for you?


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