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How to Stop Dimming Your Light and Embody Your Superpower

empowerment Feb 20, 2020

I have a confession. I was not always the bold, bright leader that I strive to be today.

For several years of my twenties after my yoga teacher training I stopped getting my hair done, gave up makeup and avoided jewelry.

I donated a lot of my pretty things and basically wore organic cotton t-shirts and leggings. I even tried to stop washing my hair 🙈 and "break my addiction to lip balm" (yup, google it.)

FYI Greasy hair and chapped lips is NOT a good look on me, or anyone for that matter.

I thought that to be a good person, I had to trade wearing nice things, enjoying life and watching TV for being an ascetic mindful vegetarian, or in other words, be something other than who I am.

I'm glad to report that period of my life is OFFICIALLY OVER.

Not that there's anything wrong with those things. I think we can all swing into extremes in the name of trying to improve our selves and our lives and sometimes we just need to find center.

I believe the true juice of personal development work and wisdom lineages like Yoga and Tantra is in the paths and the teachers that support you to become more and more of yourself, not in denying your expression and humanity.

When I was stuck in this period of my life, I actually remember one of my justifications for keeping myself looking blah and playing small was that I didn't want to make younger girls feel bad about themselves.

That's right, I worried that I would walk past a young girl on the street and instantly make her feel like shit if I looked hot.

But it turns out I WAS DEAD WRONG.

If I walk down the street fully feelin' myself, embodying my power and radiating confidence, I give that girl PERMISSION to do the same.

The good things in life aren't a zero-sum game.

There is INFINITE beauty, love and goodness in this world.

By embracing yours, you don't take away from someone else's, you actually make room for MORE.

More for you and more for everyone you interact with.

So in the spirit of empowering us all to embody our full selves, here's a video masterclass I made to help you step in to owning the things we're conditioned to hide like beauty, intelligence, success and money!

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