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Heavy can be sexy πŸ”₯

empowerment Feb 04, 2021

I’ve been wanting to share this huge shift in my life but wasn’t sure how so I shared it in our weekly call for The Radiance Collective last week and it sparked so many perspective shifts and amazing conversations that I wanted to share it with you too, so here it goes:

I’m at my heaviest and have never felt more sexy than I do right now πŸ”₯

Body image is a huge topic with my clients and we all carry so much shame and conditioning around what we look like and that little number on the scale (which is funny because I don’t have a scale and I’m just guessing that I’m at my heaviest 🀷‍♀️)

Most people think that weight is a key indicator of health and happiness and they couldn’t be more wrong. There’s an entire body of research called Health at Every Size and if you’re baffled by this concept, I encourage you to go look it up, read a book, whatever you do.

I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and have never felt more sexy. I feel more sensual and lit up by my body than I’ve ever felt before. I feel more powerful and deeply connected to myself. I don’t know if it’s because of the weight or just a happy coincidence of the inner work I’ve been doing.

What I do know is that we don’t usually assume that weight accompanies health and sexiness – at least by “we” I mean the white perfectionist heteronormative value system that we’re evaluated against in this culture.

What I do know is there are amazing black body positive sensuality advocates that are leading us here (people to check out on IG include @rashidakhanbeymiller @lizzobeeating @theperlenoire) What I do know is that it’s radical to celebrate and revel in your body in all its glory. What I do know is that this is freaking life changing and I am holding this vision for you.

The biggest shift for me is the FREEDOM I feel. I don’t know about you ( I can guess ;) but I cannot even begin to fathom how much energy, time, worry, frustration, money I have wasted fretting about my body. Fearing what my family would think. Fearing what my friends would think. Fearing what my partner would think. Fearing what my boss would think. Fearing what it would mean about me.

The most important question to ask around any weight or health challenge you're facing right now is:

“What are you making it mean?”

What are you making it mean that you’ve gained weight? And can you choose a new meaning? For instance: I have made it mean that I am lazy and can’t be a confident leader if I gain weight.

Instead I choose to believe: Gaining weight is giving me an experience of feeling the power of my body, the power of my curves, all the amazingness I have in this physical form.

Being the heaviest I’ve ever been is THE MOST FREEING THING EVER because I get to vaporize the fears that have been holding me back my whole life

...If you gain weight that means you won’t be loved anymore
...If you gain weight that means you won’t belong
...If you gain weight that means you won’t be successful
...If you gain weight that means you won’t be respected or taken seriously
...If you gain weight that means people will think less of you

I can now officially report that all of these fears are total BS because I am heavier than ever, more powerful than ever, still have the love of my life, wonderful friends and am doing amazing work with clients that only gets even more transformative when I share more and more of myself and my truth.

I no longer have to be ruled by these fears. The next time I gain weight I don’t have to be subconsciously thinking this means my career, relationship and life are going to fall apart!

I’m offering twenty free calls in the next twenty days to help you get clear on the number one thing that’s holding you back from feeling confident and powerful in your body. Do you want that? Claim your free call today.



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