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Have you found your secret superpower? 🦹🏼‍♀️

empowerment Sep 01, 2022

Again and again we hear that the most effective leaders are those who are transparent, clear and direct.

Again and again we’re told “soft skills” are the most important skills for leaders to cultivate.

Again and again we see ourselves drawn to mentors, friends, and teachers because of their realness, and the way they make us feel less alone in our humanity, not in spite of it.

But again and again it feels too risky for us to put ourselves on the line and allow others to see the fullness of who we are – our power and our struggle – perhaps especially at work or when we’re in positions of leadership.

So we hide

Behind whatever it is for us – professionalism, not speaking up, going along with whatever the higher ups say, hiding parts of our personality or identity, overly prioritizing numbers & strategy when we’re actually deeply empathetic and intuitive…

Brené Brown put it perfectly when she said: vulnerability is strength in you and weakness in me.

And what is vulnerability but the courage to be real, authentic and true in the face of threat, whether “real” or perceived?

Perhaps the threat of disappointment if you don’t immediately succeed, the threat of someone criticizing or not liking you, the threat of losing your job or losing a friend.

The journey to becoming more yourself is not without risk. Some of these things could very well happen, but more often than not, the threat feels much larger than it actually is.

So the question becomes – are you willing to face into this discomfort in order to be true to yourself?

To make decisions about your life, based not on what they *look* like but what they *feel* life

To take ownership of your own life and what you truly want, instead of living to please your boss, parents, teachers, or whoever might be watching?

What if authenticity were your actual superpower?

What if the secret to success were as simple* as being true to yourself, being truthful about what you want and following that desire?

*I said simple, not easy!

This way of living feels like freedom and fresh air after a living decades in a catsuit a few sizes too small 😹 but it’s not a path we’re meant to walk alone.

It WILL bring up all your 💩and you deserve to have someone by your side to remind you why you’re doing this, who the f*ck you are, why you deserve to have what you want.

If you’re struggling with being true to you, knowing what you want and deciding you get to have it, I truly hope you’ll make the leap to join us in Radiance Collective.

We begin September 13th and go all the way into 2023! Payment plans start at $750.

Get in touch to see if this is for you.

Can’t wait to cheer you on and welcome you in!!! 🎉🎉🎉


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