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Every woman deserves this πŸ’‹(aka the antidote to resolution season)

empowerment Dec 28, 2020

I was sitting in my backyard this morning feeling tired, grumpy and frumpy from a week of hedonistic feasting and indulgence. 

And reflecting on the fact that I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of gal. Maybe you can relate?

Super committed to the new thing and then totally dropping it after a few weeks (oh hi, rock climbing shoes, triathlon suit and qi gong book hiding in my closet)

It's New Year's Resolution season and if you’re starting to feel the pressure I want you to know there’s another way to do this thing.

A way that involves harnessing the energy of the season without signing ourselves up for something we know we can’t commit to only to let ourselves down and feel like a failure again.

I want you to know that it’s not your fault

All the money, time and energy you've poured into something you thought would work

Only to be let down

It’s not your fault.

It's not your fault

It's not your fault


It’s the diet’s fault. It’s our fucked up expectations of women’s fault.

And it’s okay to do this differently this time and forgive your past self.

So back away from the cleanse sign-up page and ask yourself this instead πŸ‘‡

  • What am I hoping this resolution will make me feel?
  • What do I actually want?
  • Am I feeling fulfilled by my work?
  • Are my relationships nourishing or depleting me?
  • Do I feel connected to and energized by my body?
  • Do I know how to release stress and emotion from my system?
  • Do I have people in my life who challenge, motivate and hold me to my values and vision?

These questions point to where the true, soul-deep transformation that will change more of your life than you ever thought possible happens ✨

It's not in the diet, the cleanse or the workout routine.

It's in your decision to be a woman who gets to feel alive, energized, fulfilled everyday.

Every woman deserves to learn how to step into her Queen and throw off the people-pleasing, good girl programming, over-giving, over-working and all the pernicious patriarchal patterns.

Because the buck stops here. We're not passing this shit on – the paralyzing self-doubt, energy sucking body shame and not good enoughness.

We are doing things differently now. We are owning our bodies, our power, and our brilliance.

Even (and especially) when we feel tired, grumpy and frumpy ;)

Because that's what's required of us to stop this cycle and live the life of our dreams right here and right now

It's time πŸ¦‹

You owe this to yourself

You owe this to your kids

You owe this to your community

You owe this to the world

You deserve this

It's time πŸ¦‹

The Radiance Collective enrollment closes this week! Get in touch if you're ready to do this thing or scared AF and want to chat about it – either is perfect.

XO Alyssa


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