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Ever have those days when nothing is going your way? 😡

empowerment May 12, 2022

The day I traveled to Santa Fe to see my coach was one of those days when NOTHING was going my way…

Packing and getting to the airport felt stressful

I got a middle seat

I fucked up timezones and booked a shuttle to my hotel that left as our plane was
landing and had to spend $75 on a lyft

As we pulled into Santa Fe the air was brown with smoke from a pretty bad fire nearby

I was prepared for it to be smoky for my trip and for that to basically ruin all my plans.

On top of allll that I was paranoid that I was getting covid because a friend I had seen earlier that week tested positive and that would *really* ruin my plans.

So I did what any wellness oriented millennial would do, panic spent $80 at Whole Foods on coconut water and immunity boosting potions.

I walked into town for dinner wearing a mask because I had a headache from the smoke.

I tried to get into the flow and walk around downtown to find a restaurant we tried to go to last time I was here. But I couldn't find it so I walked in somewhere else and had a shitty tamal and underseasoned bland pozole.

I got in bed at 8:30 convinced I was getting covid, read my book and scrolled until I fell asleep and slept restlessly all night.

In the morning it was cold and windy, but fortunately the skis were clear because the wind had helped clear the smoke. I tested negative again.

I walked down the street still feeling a bit tired and headachey, to meet my coach for brunch to begin our in-person coaching day together.

I was excited to see her but had to be honest about how I was feeling – not the magically aligned in flow and excited high energy I had been envisioning for this day.

Being honest about that and giving myself permission to be exactly how I was was the first step toward turning this grump train around.

We spent a couple hours catching up and I got coached which for me meant crying in public next to an indoor koi pond and not giving a fuck about what anyone thought – and truly our servers were incredibly kind and respectful.

By the time we walked outside I felt better and a sign caught both of our eyes as we walked to the car – it said The Ark: Body - Books - Ambiance. Cryptic, but intriguing...

It looked closed but we decided to check it out anyway – it turned out to be the biggest crystal and magic / self development book store and gift shop I've ever seen!

A Goddess figurine caught my eye as soon as we walked inside and we proceeded to spend another hour browsing and picking up different stones, jewelry and books.

I ended up with two Goddess figurines, a selenite knife and some locally produced incenses and smudges that will help create the space for my women's circles!

And boom we were back in the flow, baby!

What do you do when you get kicked out of flow and everything feels like a struggle?

Do you beat yourself up or take a beat?

Let this be your permission to be exactly where you are and to do whatever you need to shift your state.

Maybe that’s just giving yourself permission not to shift it, maybe that’s crying, maybe that’s throwing a tantrum or just talking it out with someone.

If you’re looking for a space to show up exactly as you are, reach out to me about in person womens circles in the Bay Area this month ❤️


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