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empowerment May 05, 2022

I hosted my first women's circle about 10 years ago.

I printed a how to lead a new moon circle article I found on the internet and invited my roommates to join me in the living room.

We moved the coffee table and pushed back the chairs so there was room for us to all sit in a little circle on the floor.

We lit candles, meditated, and took turns sharing our intentions for the new moon while we dropped essential oils into a bowl of Epsom salts.

Once we set our intentions, we divided the fragrant bath salts into individual containers so we could each take a bath and quite literally soak in our intentions.

Do I think the bath salts are magic? Not exactly

Do I think they have power? Yes

When we take action with intention, miraculous things can occur.

Rituals like this speak to deeper parts of the brain than if we had just told ourselves—I want this thing to happen in the next two weeks.

When we get more of you, more of your brain, more of your body, onboard with your desires, they are more likely to happen.

It’s powerful to speak your desires out loud rather than just thinking them

It’s powerful to be witnessed, seen and supported in those desires

Neuroscience, magic, and manifestation are all different lenses through which we can talk about the same thing

Creating the life you desire ✨

If you are yearning for a little magic and sisterhood in your life right now you are in the right place.

We’re at over two years and counting of covid and a lot has happened for us individually and collectively in that time:

Losses, Loves, Endings, Beginnings, Confusion, Struggle, Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

At the same time, many of us lost social support that helps us feel like we belong and reminds us of who we are, especially when things are hard.

Humans are social animals.

We know ourselves by being known. If we are not witnessed, do we even exist?

I am hungry for connection and I’ve heard that many of you are as well.

That’s why I’m planning a series of free pop-up womens circles in the Bay Area.

Here’s what they’re going to look like: You bring together a group of women at your home, office or private space of your choosing for a two hour women’s circle.

You coordinate the people and the space and I facilitate the actual event. We’re asking folks to submit a negative covid test so we can feel safer coming together.

I can’t wait to get to see many of your shiny faces in person for perhaps the first time ever or in a long time!

Want to co-host a circle with me? Want to be invited to a circle?

The first few are already in the works and I have limited capacity to lead more.

These won’t be announced publicly so get in touch if you’re interested!


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