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Are you falling into this self-care trap?

pleasure Feb 18, 2021

As I was strolling on the beach this week, pondering life (as one does), I had an insight that might just be exactly what you need to hear today.

I caught myself wondering how much of the self-care and pleasure practices I do are exactly for me...let me explain.

I was first introduced to mindfulness and meditation through my former employer, Google. I felt super fortunate to take classes like Search Inside Yourself, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Managing Your Energy and Emotional Intelligence that were all incredibly helpful on my journey.

Through this education, I learned fundamental skills to help me manage my energy, emotions and mental health. But the thing is...these skills weren’t really intended for me or my own well-being and happiness, they were intended to make me a more effective and productive employee.

Our intentions matter!

Can taking care of your body and emotional health help you be a more successful employee – yes! Should that be your primary intention? I argue no, it should not.

You deserve to feel good just because you do, not because of what you produce.

Want to watch the full video? Catch the replay on Instagram complete with beach vibes.

Where do you find yourself practicing self-care that's not really for you? Get in touch and let me know!

XO Alyssa


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