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The secret key to freedom that most women overlook

empowerment Apr 27, 2020

You know self-love is a thing you should be into, right? Most of us know that we’re supposed to love and accept ourselves but we don’t know how to do it. Is that something you were taught in school? I didn't think so. And yet, love is THE essential element that makes humans thrive.

When you deeply, truly love yourself you are in control of how you feel about yourself and nothing outside of you can change that. You are unstoppable!

Really deep self-love is about loving allll of the parts of us, the parts we’ve been taught to feel ashamed of, to bury deep down, to control and contain. It means loving and accepting the bitchy greedy lazy ugly parts of ourselves.

When we can stop fighting with, trying to change or control these parts of ourselves we’re left with so much more energy and freedom to choose how we actually want to live our lives.

When we try to fix ourselves from the perspective that there’s something fundamentally wrong with us, that we’re broken or flawed this does not lead to real change. Real transformation has to be grounded in love to be effective.

The more we’re able to build a loving connection with ourselves, the more resilient we become. We can handle hard shit and can get back to peace and center when something throws us off. We trust ourselves more so we’re more open to taking risks and trying new things. We reclaim our sense of agency and choice over our own lives and we experience a true sense of freedom.

When you've got self-love in action, you know that you can walk right into the hardest shit and get back to love.

You can start building your connection to self-love today by speaking kindly to yourself when something hard happens. And I know we’re all dealing with hard shit right now.

This is a technique that builds our self-soothing skills by rewiring our cortical brain which regulates how we talk to ourselves. Try whispering to yourself today I know you're tired, I know this is hard. I'm with you. We've got this. or whatever you most need to hear today.


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