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Are you a commitment-phobe when it comes to self care?

empowerment Apr 28, 2022

Are you a commitment-phobe when it comes to self care?

The language of commitment gets thrown around a lot in the personal development field, and it's never quite sat right with me.

Maybe that's because I'm a commitment-phobe and so are a lot of my clients 😂

I hear people ask...

What are you committed to?

What would it look like to fully commit to your goals?

It's presented as if commitment is the only way to see change in your life.

But I don’t buy it. Hear me out

I was strategizing with a client this past week around what it’s going to take for her to start showing up for herself and she realized there was something about *committing* that wasn’t working for her

There are a few options at this point – blame yourself / blame the client - or - admit that there could be a different way and be open to co-creating that

When we checked in with her body, committing felt restrictive and contracted.

Committing clearly hadn't been working for her since she'd been struggling to show up for herself, despite having every intention to do so

She realized that *choosing* felt much better in her body

Instead of feeling obligated to show up for your commitment every day, you get to wake up and choose to prioritize yourself.

Are there deeper things to heal here around relationship to commitment? absolutely.

Do we have to heal and address all of them in order to start practicing self care? no.

The magic of coaching is getting to meet yourself exactly where you are and have a guide and thought partner to help you design just the right goals and intentions for exactly where you are right now

If you see the parallels to relationship – you are spot on ;)

Which feels better to you right now, committing or choosing? There's no wrong answer!


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