Worthy & Well

Six Month Mastermind in Intuitive Self Care


I’m an ex-Googler turned life coach. I hold a masters’ degree in Integrative Health and am a certified VITA Women’s Empowerment Coach. I’m a shame-busting anti-diet culture self care specialist for high-achieving perfectionist women. If you’re sick of obsessing over food and what you look like 24/7 and ready to only drink a glass, and not the whole bottle...I’m your gal. I love supporting women to take the very best care of themselves. And I’m dying to support you!

“Are you ready for taking care of yourself to be easy and struggle free?”

Worthy & Well: The Mastermind

Trust that you *can* care for yourself without restrictive programs by listening to your body's intuition.

Do this work once and you can change the way you approach health, fitness and self care forever 🔥

Over six months in this high-touch intimate group coaching program we'll dive deep into:

Five Dimensions of Self Care | Intuitive Eating | Intuitive Self Care | Compassionate Nutrition | Pleasurable Fitness

You're in the right place if...

➡️ You've used food to cope with overwhelming emotions and know it's no longer serving you

➡️ You've thrown money at home meal plans, restrictive diets and bootcamp programs to try to control your health because you don't trust that you can take care of yourself

➡️ You feel at a loss for how to eat and move when you're not following a program that tells you exactly what to do, when #allornothing kinda gal

➡️ You don't know how to make incremental improvements in your health without triggering perfectionistic ways 

➡️ You want to improve your health and relationship with your body in a body-positive anti-diet shame-busting space

➡️ You know you aren't taking the care of yourself that you deserve and your latest health check-up made that clear

➡️ You've found a way of eating and moving that's working and you'd like the coaching & mindset support to bring even more self love, compassion & intuition into your self care

This is NOT for you if:

❌ You've never started a restrictive diet, workout or self-improvement regime only to fall off the bandwagon again

❌ This is not for you if you’ve never turned to food for comfort in times of stress and uncertainty

❌ This is not for you if you’re looking for someone to tell you exactly what to eat and how to move to stay healthy instead of learning to listen to yourself and intuit your needs

❌ This is not for you if you’re uninterested in understanding why you struggle with food, body image and even basic self care that other people don’t seem to struggle with

Through trusting & listening to your body, you can finally be free.

If you could wave a magic wand and solve your food, body & health issues...

You’d trust yourself with food

→ so you don’t have to throw out all the junk food or jump from diet to diet to prevent you from eating everything in the house next time you’re stressed

→ and not have to go cold turkey and still enjoy wine and cocktails with friends

You’d trust yourself to workout

→ and get to the point where you CRAVE working out because it feels so good

→ without pre-scheduling 10 workouts a week that you inevitably no show for

You’d feel healthy & confident

→ maybe you’d like to fit into your skinny jeans again, train for a race or simply give your body the regular TLC it deserves

→ and walk into the party like the most relaxed, radiant and confident woman in the room and feel proud of the decisions you make to take care of yourself

You’d be present & actually enjoy your life

→ freed from the preoccupation with food and appearance, your energy & attention gets to flow into the creations, passions, and projects you desire

→ seeing how much more luxurious life gets to be when you truly get to indulge in the pleasure of food without preoccupation & fear

You’d finally start taking the care of yourself you know you deserve

→ and wake up one day to realize YOU have become the person who meditates, exercises and craves healthy food all without harsh discipline or self criticism 😱

A bit of my story

I will never forget the look on my dad’s face when I returned home from the summer before my senior year of high school. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I walked out to the curb where my dad was waiting for me at the airport and his eyes went wide and all he said was: Oh! You’ve grown!

I was mortified.

I remember exactly what I was wearing – short khaki shorts and a poppy red polo, both of which highlighted the thighs, boobs and belly I had sprouted seemingly overnight.

All summer I tracked my weight and food in a journal with superwoman in hologram on the front and for every workout I planned in my self-improvement regiment I ended up binge eating instead.

Alone in an unfamiliar place without community or nature, I turned to food as the only coping strategy I had to soothe my pain. The pain that I was making worse by constantly fixating on my flaws and trying to endlessly improve myself and my body.

I was stuck in the Good Girl/Rebel pattern of trying to do all the right things in all the wrong ways and my Inner Rebel took control to protect me my super harmful restrictive ways – but the Rebel also wasn't taking care of me the way I needed.

This is the first time I remember my attempts to change myself out of self-loathing and judgment so clearly backfiring, resulting in plummeting self esteem.

This experience created an imprint of shame and embarrassment around my body that led to disordered eating and disconnection that stayed with me for many years. 

All summer I tracked my weight and food in a journal with a hologram of superwoman on the front and for every workout I planned in my self-improvement regiment I ended up binge eating instead.

Here are a few things that didn't heal my relationship with food and my body:

  • studying Integrative Health and hyperfocusing on restrictive nutrition
  • making plans, trackers and perfecting my workout routines
  • signing up for expensive bootcamps and meal delivery memberships
  • giving the middle finger to diet culture and letting myself eat all the croissants
  • being super active and athletic, slaying triathlons and becoming a yoga teacher
  • ignoring my health and hoping my relationship with food would solve itself

Know what really surprised me?

Getting to the heaviest weight of my life during the pandemic catalyzed the biggest shift in my self worth and self care.

When you get to the heaviest weight you’ve ever been in your life…well there’s literally no hiding from yourself or anyone else.

The bigger my body got, the less I could pretend that I didn’t have one!

I felt very aware of my body at all times and painfully aware of all the things I wasn’t doing to take the care of myself I knew I deserved.

So I proceeded to make some very intentional changes.

Not dramatic drastic resolution style changes motivated by self-judgment.

Because I knew from research and many many failures that those don't last.

I decided to make some changes because I was worthy and deserved to feel good.

For the very first time in my life, I decided to make changes because I was worthy and deserved to feel good.

And that's when it all changed

I finally believed I was worthy

...no matter what I looked like

...no matter what size I was

...no matter what I had done or not done that day

...no matter how much of a mess I felt like

I was worthy and I deserved to feel good

My body craved movement even though it felt daunting to start again, so I started with what felt good

I found a dance class to go to once a week because that felt manageable and fun

I started walking my dog most days to get both of us moving and out of the house

Eventually I began journaling again everyday, made time to meditate and to just be with myself instead of constantly running away from myself and my feelings with food, alcohol and TV.

Slowly but surely my entire life changed in ways I never could have imagined...

I started craving more nutritious foods while at the same time beginning a rapturous love affair with food

When you mindlessly eat or binge to manage your emotions you don't appreciate what you're eating and often resent food for the pain overeating causes

But when you are IN your body, connected to your senses, in tune with your hunger, FOOD IS AMAZING! And can be deeply satisfying and nutritious.

I noticed I no longer drank when I was sad or insecure or trying to distract myself

Instead I savored wine and well-crafted cocktails in celebration and connection.

I started looking forward to workouts and showing up

I had a big pattern of overscheduling, like spending hours designing THE perfect workout schedule and then showing up for one class or maybe a week of classes and then ghosting – now I actually look forward to workouts on my schedule and follow through because I'm not getting stuck in mythical perfectionism!

I actually kept my clothes, room and house tidy

(If you know me and have ever seen my closet anytime between high school and literally a year ago...you know how huge this is ;)

AND for another surprise...I quit biting my nails

Again, another insurmountable problem I've been wrestling with since I was a kid, magically solved seemingly overnight


Piece by piece the entire puzzle of self care that I had been wrestling with my whole life fell into place

That's what worthiness work does

I realized that I was worthy of movement, proper nutrition, ample rest, fun, play, care and all the things I need to feel my best as a human being

I don't have to be perfect to be worthy

And being worthy doesn't make me perfect

Feeling worthy doesn't mean I do every single one of my practices everyday

It means I take pretty good care of myself, without having to force, overschedule or rely on a diet or strict plan to tell me what to do

Worthiness shows me what I need and gives me the resolve to follow through


The Worthy & Well Mastermind

an intimate high-touch six month group coaching program for women ready to stop outsourcing their care to the next fad diet or health craze and start listening to their own needs



The Intuitive Self Care Method

Intuitive Self Care guides us back to the wisdom of our bodies, the infallible source of truth for what we need, when. Your body knows, has always known, will always know, what you need. 

Feel your feelings

Don't eat them! Self care is about more than just the physical. By learning to identify and meet our mental, emotional, relational and spiritual needs, our physical self care becomes much less complicated and way more easeful. Healing your emotional eating is possible and this is the way.

Identify your needs

How many times have you eaten or scrolled or watched TV when all you really needed was a hug or a walk? When we can remove the emotional charge around self care in a body-positive anti-shame space, you are freed to actually identify and meet your needs.

Make it feel good

Food gets to be f*cking amazing. Fitness gets to be pleasurable. The burn gets to be hot! By reconnecting with your body, you get to indulge in the immense pleasure available in mindful self care. The more you reinforce that self care feels good, the more you'll want to do it!

Worthy & Well Curriculum

Curious to know exactly what we're covering? Here are the themes for each module. You'll still get personalized support on each coaching call.

Our Virtual Weekend Retreat creates a powerful portal to kick-start your six month journey.

We meet May 13 & 14 from 9-11 AM PDT. You can absolutely create space for this retreat while being in your normal life and responsibilities AND if you're craving it, you can create a luxe experience for yourself by checking into a hotel during the retreat.

Through breath, movement, emotional release and honest vulnerable reflection, the intentions for our kick-off retreat are to:

  • Lay down the burden of body judgment that’s holding you hostage
  • Put to rest the fantasies of diets and silver bullet programs coming to save you
  • Make up with your inner good girl and rebel and activate your empowered adult self who knows what’s best for you
  • Clarify your desires and vision for this program

I'll provide guidance for how to move through the rest of your day to keep the magic of the retreat keep working on you after each session.

Module Objectives:

  • Identify where you are out of balance and needing attention in the five dimensions of self care
  • Identify your personal keystone habit to simplify your self care
  • Identify cues for your bodily needs so you can stave off headaches, and other symptoms of neglecting your physical needs


  • Body Needs Identification
  • Hunger Scale

Module Objectives:

  • Connect to an embodied imprint of the self care FIRST philosophy and feel of different it feels to your default pattern
  • Identify your good girl and rebel patterns and learn to shift into your healthy adult self


  • Mindset Journaling for Self Care
  • Embodying your Healthy Adult

Module Objectives:

  • Learn to feel what you avoid with food, work, TV, and busyness
  • Alchemize your emotions into energy to fuel your life and self care


  • Emotional Release
  • Square Breathing

Meet up with everyone in the program live for a luxurious in-person sensory experience in San Francisco in July to deepen the skills you've been practicing in this program and strengthen your community.

Module Objectives:

  • The need to "switch levels" when you're stuck on a problem like self care
  • The importance of developing a spiritual connection when self care is a struggle
  • Ways connect to the spiritual through nature, earth, sun, or however appeals to you
  • Accessing self compassion


  • Inner Child & Divine Presence Process
  • Affirmations of Innate Worth

Module Objectives:

  • You are what you digest, not what you eat. Your digestion impacts and is in turn influenced by your emotions, environment, stress, trauma, beliefs about yourself.
  • Notice how your body responds to certain foods, smells, tastes, textures, and learn to trust your instincts
  • Learn to optimize your digestion and seek out high quality nutritious foods, instead of fixating on what is good and bad
  • Become acquainted with your own digestive system and befriend your belly


  • Belly Massage & Intuitive Anatomy
  • Collective Recipe Inventory

Module Objectives:

  • Free yourself from the restriction of rigid programs and find freedom in your own body, breath and desire
  • Find pleasure in the hard, stressful, mess of life and feel how exquisite self care can truly feel
  • Feel the embodied difference of eating/exercising/meditating practicing self care from the should, than from an intrinsic desire for self care
  • Admire, respect and love your body


  • Pleasure Hunt
  • Mirror Process

We'll gather once again in the Bay Area for an epic intimate celebration of all that's transformed in this program and an official close to this program.

Have a Question For Me?

Are you interested but not quite sure this is right for you? Book a call with me. I would love to support you in your decision making process.

What's included:

  • A virtual retreat the weekend of May 13-14 to kick-off the program, set powerful intentions and create space for transformation 🎉💃💌
  • 2 x group calls per month, one for coaching and one module call which is part teaching and part guided practice call
  • 1 x 50 minute 1:1 call per month (you'll get 5 x 1:1 calls to schedule with me at your convenience during the program)

Worthy & Well: The Mastermind

The truth is, your body knows exactly what you need, when you need it.

I 100% believe that you can learn to listen to your own needs, instead of relying on programs that tell you what to do.

Do this work once and you can change the way you approach health, fitness and self care forever 🔥

The cost of the program is $1,000/mo ($6,000 in full)

I'm ready to believe in myself

You are worthy of wellness.

You are worthy of love.

You are worthy of care.

Say Yes to Worth & Wellness

Together we're disrupting the patriarchal body-shaming narratives that would have us give our power, money, time, energy and literal life force to hating and trying to perfect our bodies. We're choosing a different way.


Worthy & Well: The Secret to Sustainable Self Care

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