Moon Wisdom for Modern Women

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I’m an ex-Googler turned life coach. I hold a masters’ degree in Integrative Health and am a certified VITATM Women’s Empowerment Coach. I support clients all over the world to banish burnout and live into their fullest potential by tuning into the wisdom that has always been inside them. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my partner of 11 years Lucien and our pup Maggie. I'm so excited to bring you this Moon Wisdom Workshop.

“Are you ready for life to feel more balanced, aligned and easy?”

My connection with the moon

I led my first moon circle over a decade ago when I was introduced to the practice during yoga teacher training and have been slowly incorporating moon wisdom into my life ever since.

When I first really realized that as a human with a uterus that menstruates I am inherently tied to the cycle of the moon it hit me hard!

To be connected to something greater than the mundane of my daily life felt precious. It made me feel special and like I mattered. It put all my struggles into perspective and taught me a valuable lesson: this too shall pass.

Moon wisdom is OG life hacking

I have always been interested in life hacking and other ways to increase health and productivity.

Just imagine having a built-in structure that tells you when the best time is to go on a date, plan dinner with the ladies, schedule a big speaking event and go to that restorative yoga class.

In my experience, life hacking is a pretty bro-y approach to overly structuring life for optimal efficiency. Moon wisdom is like the elegant alternative to life hacking that’s designed for your specific hormones and energy system!

This is for you if:

  • You struggle with hormonal or reproductive health issues
  • You have an irregular cycle that doesn’t align with the moon cycle
  • You’re in menopause, on hormonal birth control or otherwise do not cycle
  • You’re more basic betch than witchy bitch and aren’t into the woo (don’t worry this isn’t about charging crystals, it’s about finding balance with ease)
  • You work in a male-dominated space and are yearning for some feminine wisdom
  • You and the moon go way back but you've struggled to create a consistent actionable relationship 

Lunar lessons

The moon serves as a visible reminder that we’re not meant to be full, bright and shiny all the time. It gives us permission to pause, take time for ourselves and reminds us that we’re not designed to be productivity machines. We cycle, just like nature cycles.

The moon cycle provides the innate wisdom for how to live a vibrant and productive life without burnout! There’s a time to charge ahead, a time to shine in the spotlight, a time to wrap up projects and tidy the house and a time to connect deeply to ourselves and make any shifts we need to make to feel aligned and on purpose in our life.

Dying to know more about this and even better — actually put it into action?



Moon Wisdom for Modern Women

Three ways a moon practice can help you:

Achieve balance

The moon is a natural daily reminder of our place in the universe. Taking a trip or going on a retreat can be wonderful, but the effects only last so long. Aligning your life with the moon cycle will naturally guide your life back into balance, no matter how exhausted or overwhelmed you feel.

Nurture the yin

We live in an overly yang culture when productivity, extroversion and achievement are prized above all else. In paying more attention to the moon, the embodiment of yin, you will learn to nurture yin qualities in your life necessary to heal and prevent burnout. 

Access your full potential

If you’re not aligning your life around the moon cycle you are missing out on a huge untapped potential that lies in each phase of the cycle. You're extra radiant and magnetic at certain times and more likely to finish projects at certain times. These opportunities are here to help your life feel easier!

Moon Wisdom for Modern Women

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Moon Wisdom for Modern Women

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